AL-KO ATC Trailer Control System

Creation of a suite of advertising and promotional materials to increase the market share of ATC Anti-Snake Caravan System. The client also required a animated 3D visualisations and a sales video for consumer shows around Europe and promotion on their website.


ATC is now fitted as standard to around 50% of caravans in the UK – a real result for AL-KO - and is therefore now the leading product of its kind in the country.

Aspire Creative fully managed the project in a cost effective manner, and using our in-house team we devised the strategy, wrote all the copy, and interpreted the technical research provided by Bristol University so that a diverse audience could really understand the benefits of the system.

We also handled all the photography and video editing at the famous Millbrook testing track and combined this with 3D animations to demonstrate the advantages of the system. Together these provided a really hard hitting and informative video and campaign to achieve such amazing results. The client is now using this campaign across the globe to generate similar results on an international basis.


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