AL-KO Branding and Brochures Suite

AL-KO, the worldwide leader in Vehicle Technology, required a new house style for their wide range of printed brochures. The style needed to communicate the premium nature of the products, whilst also presenting the sometimes complex information in a clear manner.


Each of the 16 brochures created have worked really very well indeed AL-KO. Some have been used at shows and some as follow ups to direct mail campaigns and conversion has improved with rising sales across the board. Also, because the format has deliberately been designed to be easily amended, we’ve enabled the marketing team to become self sufficient and reduce agency cost considerably over the past few years. As with all clients and in line with our Open Policy we share artwork and skills to enable the client to be more effective with their budget.

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“Marc, and the team at Aspire Creative are a vital part of our Marketing team. They provide us the environment to express our business requirements and own personal ideas, whilst being there to completely take away complex projects off my desk and deliver truly outstanding creative, with an attention to detail I have not witnessed before. When involved in campaigns this is an incredibility valuable service and one which I feel I could not easily replace”.
Paul Jones
Marketing Manager, AL-KO Kober Ltd.

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