Cloudhouse Website, Identity and App Store

Cloudhouse required a fully responsive website and help with their corporate identity to make them stand out from the many ‘cloud based services’ out there. Cloudhouse have a very exciting range of revolutionary software tools and services, enabling Software Vendors, or Enterprise IT organisations to place their applications in the cloud...without changes to the code and impact to end users. They can also normally handle this within hours, making their proposition revolutionary against all the costly redevelopment many organisations have to employ to get their applications in the cloud. In 2014, Gartner even named Cloudhouse Technologies as a ‘Cool Vendor’ in Endpoint Computing.


It was conveying this ‘new perspective’ that made the Cloudhouse solution so interesting and effective. We helped them source and broker an agreement with the stunning imagery available from Airpano, and helped them devise a simple, effective and unique brand. This brand has been applied to the fully responsive website, exhibitions and trade shows and across literature and stationery.

From our expertise in Software User Interface development we were also asked to overhaul their App Store from the ground up, making the system easier for users, more in line with the brand and better for the Cloudhouse Team to manage and deliver their unique service.

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