Kantar Media, the world’s leading TV audience measurement company needed someone to advise on and create a new suite of products for their existing portfolio of software tools. We won the business for Kantar Media as they had heard about the other products we had named and branded and our unique naming methodology ‘United We Brand’.

We demonstrated how this methodology could reduce the costs for what was a potentially huge project - the creation of 25 product names and the naming of the three software suites each of these 25 software tools resided in. Some of the products in different categories had links to each other, and some of the product names within the categories were actually company names – all of this needed to be considered, resulting in what we think is one of the most challenging naming projects we have ever heard of.

We also developed three stunning visual identities for the software suites, and all of the software products.


The first name, visual identity and software user interface to launch was Instar Social, the UK’s first official Twitter TV ratings solution.

The project has been a complete success. The names are finalised, but yet to be launched in a phased plan that will implement them on a global scale – literally every country in the world uses a Kantar Media product or service.

We've now been commissioned to continue the naming work for more products and help Kantar develop the visual style for a wider range of software tools.


“Sincere thanks to you and the team so much again for your efforts on this incredible herculean naming effort – I and the team really appreciated all your work and the high level of service and added value you provided throughout the naming project”.
John McCarthy,
Marketing Manager, Kantar Media

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