Leeds Pathways

Leeds City Council sought to develop their Leeds Pathways on-line prospectus following the withdrawal of UCAS management and hosting support from this local IAG provision. With almost 200,000 annual visits and 3.5million page views, the on-line prospectus is a crucial resource in supporting young people in their education, training and career choices yet feedback suggested that the site looked a little dated and much of the information was difficult to find.  Contemporary in appearance and improving on the functionality of the existing site, the solution needed to provide a simple but effective signposting platform for the young people, parents, carers, teachers and education professionals of Leeds.


Three fully integrated content managed ‘mini-sites’ and a new Pathways gateway and resource platform have been created embracing a modern, clean and engaging design style, user-friendly navigation, video streaming and animated content. Links to third party sites, a dedicated Supported Learning section and a bespoke, Leeds City Region page ring-fenced and administrated by their own staff have allowed Aspire to deliver one of the country’s leading on-line prospectus resources.  As well as the design and building of this fully content managed system, Aspire Creative provided full hosting facilities and on-going training support.  Following launch in Sept 2012, other local authorities are already collaborating with Aspire to work on their own on-line prospectuses based on this model.

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