LexisNexis Mouse Starter Pack

Martindale-Hubbell required a completely new look and feel for their Welcome Pack in 2012, something that communicated the high value of the martindale.com subscription, and provided enough of the right information to get subscribers started as quickly and easily as possible. 


Working to a budget, we devised bespoke packaging to contain a Starter Guide, and a promotional mouse all with the high value feel of a iPhone box. 

The Starter Guide was developed so that it could be stood up next to a subscriber’s PC, allowing them to easy work through the 4 easy steps to setting up a martindale.com subscription. The Guide, the mouse and the box were designed to go through the normal postal service at a reasonable cost and hold the elements securely in place. 

The packaging was developed with a sophisticated, clean look and high value feel, using a laminated card finish and red foil for the martindale.com logo. 

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