Rochdale Apprenticeships

Rochdale, Middleton and Heywood Council are one of many authorities struggling to disseminate the vast quantity of information to young people and their parents enquiring about the National Apprenticeship scheme and providers. The council require straight forward, engaging resources that set out clearly the Apprenticeship Programme, qualifications requirements, a guide to the Apprenticeship providers in the area, specific course details, and contact information.


Aspire created a series of bespoke and targeted resources for the authority including a direct delivered postcard campaign, leaflets, exhibition materials, employer engagement pack and an ‘Apprenticeship brochure’ targeted at young people across Rochdale. As well as individual Apprenticeship provider information, the brochure included an introduction to the programme, a convenient ’Course and Provider’ matrix and tear out reply cards.  Aspire are now in the fifth year of production and outstanding feedback from all the Apprenticeship stakeholders suggest that often the simple ideas prove to be the best!

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