Make sure your website is working for you

Companies often invest heavily in their websites while they're developing but once they're launched they're neglected, they don't track their performance or measure their return on investment. Websites get seen as costs rather than profit centres and marketing tools. Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes from outside your organisation to remind you and point out some improvements you can make.

If your website has been neglected or you're just interested in seeing an improvement in your conversion rates, search engine rankings or high bounce rates, you're in luck. Often the same issues affecting your website's search engine ranking are also usability issues that affect how long visitors stay on your site. Our SEO and usability audits can help you improve your website, drive quality traffic to your website and ensure return visits from users. 

We'll take a birds-eye view of where your website is heading and then dive into the code, run SEO tracking, performance and usability studies. We'll report back with practical solutions and next steps and help you develop a content and SEO strategy that'll enable you to solve your website woes going forwards. If you're looking to further develop your website or launch a new website, we're experts in affordable web design and development.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

We can help you identify poorly-performing pages, leaks and high bounce rates. With a thorough SEO audit drawing on years of experience getting sites to the top of search engines results pages and current industry best practice in-line with your organisations website goals and content strategy, we'll provide clear steps and tactics to improve your rankings.

Our SEO audits will highlight:

  • Keyword opportunities
  • High-value traffic sources
  • Structural problems affecting search engine ranking
  • Content problems 
  • Practical steps to dramatically improve your search engine ranking 

SEO audits can also bring some nice extras:  

  • A chance to review your website's PageSpeed performance
  • Quick wins for boosting search engine results page rankings (SERPs) and improving usability
  • Opportunities for growth, new products and increased sales by analysing search traffic and performance

With strong SEO partners, we can also help you run effective pay-per-click (PPC), Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns.

Usability testing and audits

Usability testing needn't be expensive, but it's surprising how many websites, apps and products are launched without any clear thought about how people will actually use them. You can start with talking prospective users through wireframes and sketches, watching what they do, asking them to explain their thinking as they 'navigate' through your site and you can end with fully interactive prototypes, eye-tracking studies and a really in-depth set of user personas and how they're using your new or existing site.

Usability testing, especially early on in a project lifecycle and help you find:

  • Quick wins, shortcuts and easy-to-implement conversions
  • What users really want from your website
  • Whether they'll be able to achieve their goals on your site 
  • How your website works on different devices, for different users with different goals and contexts
  • Improvements that'll reduce bounce rates and increase sales, lead generation, web traffic, conversions and customer satisfaction

Ignored, or left too late in your project and usability issues could prove costly to fix or cause your project to fail. Combining usability and SEO audits together gives you a great win-win situation where improvements in one usually lead to improvements in the other. We'll also make recommendations based on your web analytics, user demographics, profiles and on-site behaviours.