With the explosion of mobile, tablet and desktop platforms it's more important than ever to have a united approach to software user interface design. Your users switch between desktop and mobile, accessing their data and your services and a beautiful, functional interface is essential and a seamless user experience is a big plus.

We've worked closely with several of our clients to develop easy to use, branded software interfaces and guides to implement those styles: 

  • Desktop application interfaces for Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS X
  • Mobile applications for Android phones and tablets
  • iOS on iPhone, iPod and iPad tablets
  • App store interfaces

We're able to work with a platform's main themes (such as Apple iOS Human Interface guidelines or Windows interface guidelines) and still create a strong brand identity and user experience. Our experience also includes:

  • App icons
  • Themes and styles
  • Navigation
  • Splash screens and animations

Our creative design team has worked closely with in-house and external developers and agencies to create eye-catching user interfaces that our clients (and their users!) have loved.