Westfield School

Following the introduction of a new management team, Westfield Sports College in Sheffield made swift and significant progress in raising standards and grades across key areas of the school. It soon became clear that the ‘Sports College’ element of the school name gave an impression of an educational offer for young people and parents that was far too narrow and the decision was taken to change the name to simply ‘Westfield School’.

In order to communicate both these new successes and the change in name, Aspire Creative were asked  to support the management team and work with all the key stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition of repositioning and implement a new ‘creative look’ for the school brand.


At Aspire Creative we firmly believe that our clients know their business better than anyone else. All we do is support them in asking the right questions!

Through a series of consultations with students, staff and management, we created and launched a  Westfield School brand design that aimed to truly reflect the vibrant, exciting, challenging and creative environment of the school. As well as the new logo, students worked through the planning and deliver of the hugely anticipated school year book as we supported them in weighing their peers’ wishes against their budget and practical design implications.

From a comprehensive wall graphic project throughout the school building to a new website design & build; signage to minibus graphics and pre-branded in-house printing to photography, Aspire Creative have supported the school in generating a consistent, professional and welcoming brand that has been positively received by pupils, staff, parents, management and governors alike.

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