iManage RAVN provides document management and security/governance solutions for legal and professional services firms around the world. The RAVN technology applies a layer of hi-tech artificial intelligence over its products, vastly improving them and raising their security.

While crucial for the smooth and safe running of its customers’ operations, it’s not, with the greatest respect, a visually appealing subject or what you might call attention-grabbing. With that in mind, iManage RAVN wanted to create an eye-catching theme for its TED-style presentations at Legal Geek, the industry-leading conference with a cool and gritty edge.

They also required a theme that could be used for ongoing lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns. The company had a basic thematic idea but approached Aspire Creative to conceptualise and build it out for multiple channels.

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The RAVN Cinema concept

A plan was agreed to develop a retro cinematic theme that would bring RAVN’s stand to life, and lift presentations on subjects as worthy-but-one dimensional as document management, due diligence and even LIBOR (the interest rate used by international banks lending to one another).

Central to the plan, alongside the over-arching retro cinema design and branding, were retro-style film poster designs for presentations including Fear and Loathing in Legal Contracts, and Secret Service Delivery (featuring LIBOR, repapering and due diligence).

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Aspire Creative’s work

We were not only allowed but actively encouraged to let our imagination run a little wild. It’s quite brave for a large, global-facing company like iManage RAVN, operating in the legal and professional services space, to go down this route. But as you’ll see, it was worth it.

Once our concepts and over-arching designs were approved, we set about a strategy for creating:

  • Exhibition Stand design
  • Themes, PowerPoint designs and associated copy for each talk
  • Event and follow-up landing pages
  • Social images and video to promote the event and wider campaign
  • Help with workshops at the conference
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Results of the iManage RAVN campaign

Thanks to our to our very different approach and high impact content, iManage RAVN confirmed that the approach was the most successful they could remember. iManage RAVN were so pleased with the reaction to the content and presentation of its talks that it wanted to give them life long after the event was over. As a result, the content now transforms into a programme of webinars that are available to promote the iManage RAVN services.

The project proves just what is possible when a business steps out of its comfort zone to present its services in a new and vibrant way. We were delighted Aspire Creative was given the opportunity to work with such a forward-thinking global business.

The buzz around the stand was superb, attendees were engaging more than ever before and sharing photographs of our stand on social channels.

Laura Whitehead, Marketing Director, iManage EMEA
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