We’ve been delivering successful marketing and design services to many well known brands - some for over 15 years. What makes us different is our ability to adapt to your business requirements throughout the year - and provide high quality marketing and digital support when and where it’s required.

Whilst we deliver this type of proactive and reactive support for multiple brands, LexisNexis, part of the RELX Group is a great example of such a relationship. We deliver marketing and digital campaign assets across EMEA and Northern America every day for both planned and short notice projects and have delivered success in every area.

LexisNexis is a large, global organisation so we’ve had the benefit or working with a number of different departments such as:

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Creative Managed Services

To support our clients in the full range of marketing, creative and digital services we often we create a uniquely flexible support contract that allows single or multiple teams to access our services when and where they need them. This contract flexes with the needs of the client, and is managed by our account team so we come in within budget.

We set up our systems to integrate with the client and each client has direct access to their support team. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, attention to detail and understanding the client’s business. This approach enables us to deliver complex marketing campaigns, and we can deliver these across different timezones across the globe. Day-to-day, we operate as a close partner and in-house team, providing the continuous support and safe pair of hands to deliver urgent or unexpected tasks almost immediately.

Delivering new business, increasing profit

Lead Generation
What does success look like? This is the question we ask our clients and then everything flows from that. Our clients rely on us to develop campaigns to increase leads and ultimately to increase profit. We entirely create, manage and deliver these campaigns, and also, where required we help the client becomes self sufficient or we fit into their existing team and workflow. We have a great history of being able to transfer knowledge to client marketing and design teams, enabling them to become more self sufficient. It’s an approach that has brought us and our clients considerable success - the client is able to use and develop their internal teams where possible / sensible, and through our guidance and past experience they are fully supported. Our success comes from the clients’ growth and the strong relationship forged by this unique approach. 

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Technical and creative website support

For some global clients we support multiple websites. Sometimes these are developed by us, and also we are able to transfer ownership of sites developed elsewhere. We have a strong history of improving existing website assets and always consider this first, before suggesting complete redevelopment of a website. We support all the major web technologies and content management systems. We also support brands on the day to day updates for their websites. With our flexible support package there is no minimum block of time, so if a quick change to a website take seconds or minutes, that is the time that we log.

The relationship that we have with the team at Aspire is excellent. They provide daily, proactive and reactive support across EMEA as our business requires. We can always rely on them to deliver what we need. Aspire also has a reputation across our business of going above and beyond to help us achieve our marketing objectives. Their creative input and commitment to produce a quality output is second to none and they complete projects on time and within the allocated budget.

Michelle Gunter, Head of Marketing, LexisNexis ES.
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Your dedicated team

Each support team is comprised of at least one dedicated Website Developer, Designer, and Account Manager. When a request comes in, the entire client team is alerted and we work on it straight away if required. We spend the time to develop these dedicated teams so they have a great understanding the client’s business, technologies and marketing plans to deliver really efficient and knowledgeable support.

Outstanding results across all our services

We take the time to understand what success means to you, and use our experience and expertise to deliver the results you need.

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response rate (LinkedIn’s Highest B2B response rate in 2018)

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increase in page views

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Over 100% increase in lead revenue

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Market Share in 12 Months

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ROI (Lead Gen Campaign)

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